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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tubbilicious bath bombs, solid bubble bath bars ,luxury bath melts,body butter, coconut oil & more to come !


We can not open our regular stores right now,for good reasoning ~  BUT I know many people still want there tub treats! As much as you enjoy using them, I enjoy making them ! So On this page as well as PINTEREST you will find a list of what we have.We still can make almost everything we've always done. It takes an email for the most part @

Scroll to bottom for photos Etc ( As Ive said before, Im a crafter not a journalist & this blog thing keeps deleting photos etc ~  )

 Products will last quite a while BUT we do recommend using in 30 days for maximum freshness  MORE PRODUCTS HERE Hair care, body scrubs & more

As far as our bath bombs go, instead of trying to figure out what each drop of essential oil costs ( that drives me nuts) I just made all the bombs the same amount for the size you get, Please keep in mind, we DO USE OILS THAT HONESTLY COST $98.00 per 1/2 ounce! Obviously I cannot make one bath bomb in just that oil or Id be bankrupt! I will list all of our essential oils on its own page soon as well so you can look at what aromatherapy benefits of medicinal benefits that would be best for you when choosing your products , it also shows a "wholesale" price of what it costs to buy in bulk~ Many of these oils bought in small amounts would be much higher if bought in a regular health store. We use SO much essential oils we have to replace them almost every month , and we buy pretty large sizes when possible ~ We never skimp! Its the same with our fragrance oils, There is premium , and regular ~ I refuse to buy anything but the best I can find which means sometimes almost $30 for an 8 oz bottle of fragrance oil , I can go through that in a day! Ok ~ Enough of that

 When I'm up & feeling good, I can make almost anything you see on pinterest or remember on Etsy , just keep in mind I'm moving a little slower these days. Anyone thats received products through buying this way any input to other interested buyers would be helpful ! ( Lots of people still get their stuff this way ) Follow Us on FACEBOOK THIS IS IMPORTANT~ THEY GET FIRST NEW ABOUT EVERYTHING! Tubbilicious Facebook Fan Page  make sure you hit follow or you will miss updates!

We will make almost anything when ordered ~ thats how we've always done things, you get your products made JUST FOR YOU ! They are not sitting on a shelf for months! Candles & tarts sometimes are premade~ Bargain Bitsys bombs are premade ~ Thats about it ~ everything else is made when you order~ so expect a few days, it takes time to make things, dry time, package, make labels, bag & ship ~ Its worth the wait ! I promise!  Just make your list & email me at



Bargain Bitsy Bomb approx 1oz ~ $1.25 ( scent unknown,these are made extra from other bombs and are not always available) $1.25 each (None currently available )

Bitsy Bomb Duo snap pack ~ approx 2.50 = $4.50 OR  4 packs @ $15.00(2 scents)

3 oz bomb  $5.50 or 2 for $5.50 ( same scent) 

5 oz bomb $7.50  or 3 for $20.00
One  3oz $5.50 or
TWO for $10.00 ( same scent) 

Bargain Bitsy Bomb WHEN AVAILABLE
1oz scents are not known until they show up at your door
$1.25 each plus shipping

one 5oz $7.50  OR
THREE for $20.00   plus shipping

Bitsy Duo total weight 1 pack 2oz to 2.5oz @ $4.50
 or 4 packs  @ $15.00 (Limit 2 scents per 4 packs)   plus shipping

NAKED PARTY HUMUNGO 8oz or heavier  Gift surprise bath bomb 
made for all occasions Get Well, Birthday Bride or brides maid 
, best friend almost anything  you can think of! Each Bath bomb 
comes with a gift inside $12.00 plus shipping   

Create your own 

Some of our best selling bath bombs & Bubble bars are listed here
( keep in mind, vanilla will turn bubble bars darker has a * in front ) 

Holy Neroli Sedate Me * 100% natural~ relaxing 
Last Nerve* 100% natural~~ relaxing 
Cumbersome Slumbersome * 100% natural~ relaxing
All Natural Lavender ~* 100% natural~ relaxing
Honey Bee Washed ~ Sweet ~ relaxing ~ uplifting 
Mermaid Kisses ~ Sweet Fruity feminine ~ uplifting~ aphrodisiac    
Butterfly Kisses ~ ~ Clean earthy~ relaxing 
Carnations In Bloom~ Impassioned ~ oriental scent spicy ~ aphrodisiacI Feel Amazing~ clean floral~ uplifting 
Ladies Only ~ Feminine ~ aphrodisiac  
Spa Date With Nature~ Clean earthy ~ relaxing & uplifting 
Intoxication ~oriental scent ~ aphrodisiac 
Rockin Out Pink ~ Sweet & floral ~ Feel good~ aphrodisiac 
Americana Cream~ Sweet & floral~ Feel good~ aphrodisiac 
Earth Feng Shui ~ Clean earthy ~ relaxing & uplifting
Wood Feng Shui~ Clean earthy ~ relaxing 
Pineapple Sage~ Clean fruity ~ relaxing & uplifting
Juniper Aloe ~Clean earthy floral ~ relaxing & uplifting
Dreaming Jasmine ~relaxing floral ~ relaxing 
Lavender~relaxing floral ~ relaxing 
*Lavender Vanilla~ Sweet & floral ~ relaxing 
*Spring Kisses & Summer Wishes ~Sweet ~ Feel good 
Eco Fizz ~ Clean earthy Green~ relaxing & uplifting
Eco Sunshine ~ Clean earthy  fruity Green~ relaxing & uplifting
Flowerbomb~ feminine floral ~ aphrodisiac 
Cucumber Melon~ Clean fruity 
Ruby Red Grapefruit ~ Clean fruity 
Candy Creamy ~Sweet floral ~ Feel good & uplifting
Happy Birthday~ Sweet ~ Feel good
Hemp Happy ~ incense earthy ~ relaxing
Love Bus ~ incense earthy ~ relaxing
Nag Champa ~ incense earthy ~ relaxing
Lagoon ~ limited ~ incense earthy spicy~ relaxing
Dragons Blood~ spicy, herbaceous~meditating, cleansing, purifying    
Richards slice of Sunshine ~ Clean  fruity ~uplifting
Squeaky Clean~ Clean~uplifting
Exotic Gardenia ~ feminine floral ~ aphrodisiac 
Vanilla Mint ~ Clean Crisp ~uplifting
Hebalicious ~~ Clean earthy  Green ~ relaxing & uplifting
Orange Cinnamon clove ~spicy fruity ~ relaxing & uplifting 
*Coconut Craze  ~ Clean fruity  ~ relaxing & uplifting
Fuzzy Navel~ Clean fruity  ~ relaxing & uplifting
Mango Papaya ~ Clean fruity  ~ relaxing & uplifting
Lime & Coconut  ~ Clean fruity  ~ relaxing & uplifting

                             SCENT LIST FOR ALL PRODUCTS   just click         

Monkey Pitts Please read Page Info on Monkey Pitts  Just click 

 1 oz Jar By Size = 2 oz by weight ( will last approx 3 weeks to a month ) $9.50 + $3.50 s&h
 2 oz Jar By Size = 3 oz in weight ( This jar will  last well over a month , I use it for approx 2 months) $12.50 +   $3.50 s&h
4oz jar occasionally ( That will last forever lol ) $ 22.50 + $3.50 s&h 
We still have all our other ingredients to make all our regular items & new things as well ~ Just email Me ! put Tubbi in the subject 

Monkey Pitts Deodorant 

                                 BUBBLE BARS                                  
Mamma Mia A Lush Dupe of Ma Bar
3 to 4 oz $6.50 each + shipping

Create your own scent! 3 to 4 oz $6.50 each
plus shipping

Each bubble bar is made for one luxurious bubble bath but many people get more then one use~ While our recipes vary from bar to bar Every Bar includes rich butters for soft skin & therapeutic essential oils! Break off small piece & hold in hand under running water until dissolved~ The tub will do the rest! Water conditions WILL effect the amount of bubbles soft vs hard water ~ NEVER add soap, once soap goes in with bubbles they will disappear, also the amount of oxygen that gets into your water when filling tub will affect amount of bubbles ~ literally , a small piece will overflow your tub with bubbles !  All bubble bars are approx 3 to 4 oz approx $6.50 a piece plus we have the Bitsy bubblers approx 12 to 14 oz @ $10.00 in an 8 oz jar  

                      Scent List for all products just click! 

This is a favorite photo of mine ~  A customer
sent me of her adorable little boy
 taking a bath in some of our
 solid bubble bath
looking like hes enjoying himself !  

Add 1 or 2 Bubblers, melt in hand
under running water & the tub does
the rest!  $10.00 per Jar 

              Dead Sea Mineral Soaking Salts 


Detox your body, sooth your skin & relax your mind  bags of salts come in 8oz or 16oz 

8oz $7.00 plus $4.00 s& h 
16oz ~ $12.00 plus $5.50 s&h 

( we DO combine shipping weights as ONE package rather than adding every item when buying more then one item! )


Info on the butters we use in our Bath melts, Bubble melts, Bubble bars, shower lotions, body scrubs, body butters & more  products
See Link~


Creamer Melt Frothy
 whippy Butters
What is a bath bomb Creamer or bubble melt? While our recipes may vary, Our Creamer & bubble melts are packed with luxurious butters making them a bath melt! All of our bath melts, regardless if its a bubble melt, fizzy creamer melt or as seen below a solid butter melt are designed to work inside the water! Some may give your bath a fizzing  like experience like  a bath bomb made loaded with any of our skin loving beautiful benefiting  butters and soften you like our solid butter bath melts without an excess layer of "grease" to shower off or clean from the tub while slowly make its way through the water releasing  frothy creamy  butters leaving almost a layer of "whipped cream like fluff" on top of your water while others will fizz & bubble  creating  a wonderful trail of bubbly butters! Each Bath Bomb Creamer Or Bubble Melt is a truly a high end quality luxury spa experience loaded with therapeutic essential oils to use in your home at your convenience to relax your mind , soften your body and soothe your soul. Shapes & sizes will vary but will weigh out ( usually a bit heavier)  

Oatmeal Milk & Honey
Bath bomb
Creamer Melt
Approx 3 oz
Step into a tub of Warm oatmeal & honey! Smells like freshly made porridge the way grandma used to make! The sweet scent of cream mixed with honey and vanilla absolute & benzoin  , mixed with a bit of blood circulating cinnamon & kiss of Clove. Not just a bath bomb but a bath melt as well! Made with USDA Certified Organic goats milk , Honey water, Honey powder, collided oatmeal , fresh Oatmeal milk & the healing power of aloe & Tucam Butter ~ Soothes sunburn & a various skin conditions! 
( See butter description below) 

approx 3.5 oz

 Any bathbomb melts using cocoa butter, shea, mango or coconut oil will cost approx $7.50 for 3 to 4 oz plus s&h

Any bathbomb Melts using Sal, Tucuma or Kokum butter will cost approx $8.00 per 3 to 4 oz plus s&h

Because products are handmade, sizes & shapes may vary but will be close! ( usually heavier, not less! )  


        Solid 3 in 1 Butter Melts
        Bath Melts ~Shower Lotion
        & dry skin use 

2nd order of these. skin feels amazing after using in the shower. not greasy smooth and use to shave and my skin does not need a moisturizer. perfect.
Thank you cooling and moisturizing
This solid shower lotion is outstanding. I got it in Carnival Candy and Fairy Honey Love Dust. Both smell delicious. Thank you!
i've only used it after the pool, you know when the clorox from the pool dries your skin. It works wonders. Goes on easily, leaves the skin soft without being greasy. Nice scent. Will get again.
I ordered the fairy honey love dust - the only thing negative I have to say is that I didn't order a larger size! BOO!!!!! I love this and use it on every day on my feet and elbows. Once again the scent is a surprise and its very girlie! Thanks rock!
I love love love everything. These are sooo great.. I feel like i am having a creamy butter on my skin without the grease. feels so soothing.. such a great idea. love the seller. thanks.
A+ seller! I'm addicted to these guys!
Love these! They work great in the shower!
Love the in shower lotion bars! They work great! I didn't really need to use lotion after using these in the bath. The fragrance also worked well and I could smell it all day
Absolutely in love with this lotion bar. It smells amazing and I am so smooth. Thank you for making this high quality product.
I have to get more of these! They are terrific! Many thanks!
hat can i say but WOW love love these thanks so much!


Our Solid lotions are designed to work IN or OUT of WATER! They will NOT leave you feeling like a greasy mess ~ Just smooth soft supple skin! Some butters will leave a light layer of moisture that lasts throughout the day & Some are made to give skin a little more TLC & you will notice the deep penetrating soothing softness of thee rich combinations of butters we use in our bath melts & shower lotions! 

Our 3 in 1 lotions are made with skin loving incredible ingredients! As our recipes & prices vary  depending on ingredients used ~we use only the best butters available! These butters may include USDA Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil,USDA Certified Organic Cocoa Butter, Tucuma Butter,Kokum Butter,Shorea (Sal) Butter,Raw Unrefined Shea Nut Butter, Raw Unrefined Mango Butter,Jojoba oil,Argan oil,Silk peptides & Aloe 

Butters can be made in any packaging ~ butters containing Tucuma, Sal, or Kokum Butter Will Cost more regardless of shape due to price of  butters also taking into consideration essential oils etc.

  Choice of Solid Bar ~ Jar of singles ~or snap pack


REMEMBER ~ BUTTERS CAN MELT IN HEAT  ~ WE DO SHIP WITH ICE PACKS for $3.00 per ice pack ( reusable Non toxic) The weight will effect your shipping price 


 approx 1.5 oz 3 in 1 shower lotion
bath melt or use on dry skin!
$6.75 ~  made with cocoa,Shea, Mango 

 $8.25 made with Sal , Tucuma , Kokum Butter 
all made with USDA Certified Coconut Oil 


Duo Snap pack approx 2 oz 
$7.00~ made with cocoa,Shea, Mango 
 $8.50 ~made with Sal , Tucuma , Kokum Butter 
 All made with USDA Certified Organic Coconut Oil  

4oz jar ~ approx 2 oz (maybe more)
$7.00 ~ made with cocoa,Shea, Mango 

 $8.75 made with Sal , Tucuma , Kokum Butter 
 All made with USDA Certified Organic Coconut Oil  


3 in 1 Bath truffles Gift Box
Each Box has 10 truffles
A hard layer of cocoa butter on the outside
filled with a soft inside of shea & mango butter ~ Each Box is $15.00
You choose your scent 

      Gift boxes of 3 in 1 melts made
  for shower, bath or dry skin!
1 pack $5.75 or 2 for $10.00

1 pack $7.00 or 
2 for $12.00 Sal , Tucuma , Kokum Butter 
click pic for scent list
 if getting 2 pack pick 2 scents

IMPORTANT Info on the butters we use in our Bath melts, Bubble melts, Bubble bars, shower lotions, body scrubs, body butters & more  products
See Link~      

TANGO WITH MANGO All Natural & Organic Body Butter~ see reviews below 
Each batch made with Unrefined Raw Shea Nut Butter, Raw Unrefined Mango Butter, USDA ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL & USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC COCONUT CREAM , ARGAN OIL,ALOE and SILK PEPTIDES~ BEST SELLING BODY BUTTER 100% Natural & Organic Until you pick your scent ! We can also scent it with certain essential oils! See Scent list

2 oz jar  $10.00   4oz jar $15.00   8oz $24.00
❤It takes us over 12 hours to make our body butters ! The final stage is complete after a minimum of 72 hours! ❤We make sure your getting the creamiest , softest , PUREST, body butters possible !! We slowly whip the butters to a beautiful fluff .❤ We DO NOT ADD A TON OF OILS ( Oil is will give you that light whippy consistency , but flatten in a day or so, ) We are selling you Body Butter NOT Body OIL.❤Our butters DO NOT COME FROM A BASE ! We allow the whipped butter to take shape. ❤When you place your order, we then again, get the amount of butter you ordered, add your scents & essential oils and whip again . Every batch turns out slightly different...I assure you , NOTHING but 100% Premium grade Natural & Certified Organic Butters used to make our body butters at at TUBBILICIOUS !! ❤ To "loosen" your body butter simply stir and butters will soften ) ❤Do NOT PANIC if you see black or brown specks !! It is PART of the ORGANIC INGREDIENTS USED

RAW UNREFINED Certified Organic SHEA NUT BUTTER Non-pore clogging (non-comedogenic)
Shea nuts are gathered and processed from the 'butter tree' of central Africa, whose fruit is eaten for food, while the fat from the inner nut is used for cooking and for cosmetic purposes. An important source of income for the women of Ghana, the kernels are pressed using traditional methods. Shea Butter is high in oleic and stearic acids, which makes it a superior emollient.Shea Nut butter is hand picked by locals in Ghana, We try to always by fair trade so women get paid fair wages for their work in other countries . Shea Butter is prized because of its unique combination of elements essential for healthy skin. Among these is first a very high content of Fatty Acids more than in all other vegetable butters. These Fatty Acids are oleic, stearic, linoleic and palmitic acid. They play a very important moisturizing, softening, and anti-inflammatory role, and help renew skin cells. Shea Butter is also rich in Vitamins A & E to nourish, heal, and protect skin. And it contains cinnamic acid, a natural sunscreen (approx SPF6); and stigmasterol, known to reduce swelling.~~She nut butter has excellent anti-inflammatory effects of vitamin E and damage reversal properties of vitamin A, may be beneficial for wrinkle reduction and collagen renewal.Shea butter is used to combat dry skin. Due to a high number of unsaponifiable oils, it resists physical and water-based removal from the skin and hair
Frank Renard, PhD., a pharmacist studied the antiaging effects of shea butter during a clinical study involving 30 participants. During a four to eight month period, participants massaged shea shea butter into their skin. The patients ranged in age from 29 to 82 years old. At the end of the study, at least half of the patients reported improvements in skin texture and fewer wrinkles. 

Mango Butter body butter, which originates in India, has a shelf life of two years minimum. Mango body butter has traditionally been used in the rainforests and tropics for its skin softening, soothing (heals sunburn, relieves itching skin, heals skin peeling after tanning), moisturizing and protective properties. Mango body butter also used to increase the skin’s flexibility, thereby making it a great choice for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy. 
Dermatologists often recommend mango & Shea butter for the treatment of wrinkles; noticeable improvement and reduction in fine lines can be seen in as few as 4-6 weeks of daily use. This soothing body butter treats eczema and dermatitis, relieves skin allergies such as poison ivy/poison oak, relieves insect bits and fights frost bite.
Some other reasons to use mango & Shea body butter are to heal skin rashes, clear blemishes, heal muscle fatigue/aches/tension, treat small skin wounds and cracks, effectively treat dry skin, moisturize tough or rough skin.  

Customer Reviews~ 
our buyers say...
~~Smells so good, make my skin soft. Hope the seller will offer larger options
~I picked my own scent. Perfect to go along with other items I ordered to make a full spa day at my place!
~~AWESOME stuff! i love this so much that i have it in feng shui,pillowtop vanilla,amazing women,and soap/water- (i layer this their matching shower scrub,monkey pitts deodorant,and perfume spray!).conditions my skin REALLY well and the scent lasts ALL day! GREAT value! GREAT product
~~ The BEST Butter I have found, Worth The price & some ! 
~~I have ordered from Tubbilicious several times now...I have absolutely LOVED everything she has sent... The bitsy bombs and the full size bombs DO make you feel super soft and moisturized. The soap smells delicious! The body cream is my NEW fav item.. super fragrant as well as moisturizing!! Cannot wait to try the whipped soap!!
~~Love love love the pillow top body cream!!!! Makes me wanna hug myself;) such a wonderful smell!!! Thanks again!!!!!
~I will ONLY buy from Tubbi because she seems to be the only one that makes it perfect! 
~~As always, a wonderful transaction all around with Jackie of Tubbilicious. She was so great in helping me find a scent that was just right. I keep coming back because it is THAT good!
~~Love this Kai fragrance! Can't wait to try it tonight and thanks for the samples!
~~My 4 yr old son (of all people) put the body butter to use as soon as I unwrapped it. As soon as he understood what it was, he said, "I think it's time for my bath." We love the scent and my son told my husband, "Feel how smooth my skin is Daddy. You really need to try this." I can't wait to use it later after the kiddos go to bed. Thanks so much!
~~I loved this body butter and had to get more. It feels so great on the skin, not greasy at all. The scent is amazing and so natural. This product is just top notch and Jackie has the best customer service, THE BEST BATH BODY SHOP ON ETSY in my book. I dont shop any where else....Tubbilicious is addicting!
~~Love this! Everything I receive from you is great! Beautiful packaging and free gifts too! Thank you so much :-)

~~Wonderful product. Smooth and creamy and provides unbelievable moisture to you
r skin. Love it!! Thank you so much :-)
~~Really awesome! Pumpkin Pie scented is da bomb!!!
~~OMG!!! Love it! And super fast shipping. Now to hide whip cream from husband.
~~ I cannot believe how much moisture the body butter provides to my skin and it smells so yummy.
~~But, the Lilac butter.......oh my, oh my...delicious on my skin.......
~~Smells yummy, provides unbelievable moisture to your skin. This is my second order of this body butter and it is great as usual!
~~Smells delicious and provides unbelievable moisture to your skin. Great product and great shop!!


4oz jar $8.00 OR 8oz jar $15.00
 Jars are sold by size~ weight is higher

Customer reviews 
~This stuff is great as a moisturizer, good for dry skin, bug bites, scaly feet. Is wonderful, soaks in quickly. I can't be without it!
~I just wanted to let you know that the Warrior oil is wonderful ! I was hurting so bad and i put one drop on the areas that needed it and rubbed it in and the pain was gone..I am such a Happy customer and i just wanted to say that you are Awesome. Also the coconut oil is the best... Will be putting another order in very soon...
~~Fantastic quality coconut oil, this stuff is amazing! There are so many different uses and everything I have used it for has worked out wonderful! Smell amazing too!! Highly recommend
~~Really helping my skin, face and hair. Have not tried the oil pulling yet.
~Got my items. So excited to use them. Thanks so much for the fun treats and samples. What a nice surprise. Excellent customer service.
~~great item and came quickly
~~My skin felt so soft this morning and my makeup went on so nice. I don't wear a ton of makeup, but I do wear some so I don't look like the walking dead. It looks so smooth now! Thank you!!
~~I Love this stuff!!! great product!! great shop!! Thank you!! My skin is looking great!!
~~Hey Jackie! I got my coconut oil and have been using it for 2 days now.. already seeing an improvement in my skin problem!! My Mom is too!! My Mom is calling it her "Gold"!!

So when your ready, the BEST WAY TO CONTACT ME IS BY EMAIL email me  at    OR     , face book me or convo me through pinterest!  WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO HONOR ALL ORDERS ~ PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR INFO ~

Until next time Tubbi

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