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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to get your Monkey Pitts Product By Tubbilicious


  • Monkey Pitts is the Best 100% Certified organic & all natural ingredient deodorant! ( other than fragrance at your request )   ☀️☀️Tired of searching for a deodorant that actually will hold up in 99* heat & humidity? Well stop searching, you've just found MONKEY PITTS! ☀️


All natural~ USDA Certified Organic Ingredients used~Fair trade ingredients used~ metal free,~Paraben Free ~NO aluminum alloys,~ NO GMO's~Gentle & great for sensitive pitts,~ Hypoallergenic~ many kosher ingredients used~NO animal testing~VEGAN ~No additives~ although we always recommend using our products in 30 days for best quality ( Shelf life is SUPER LONG)  An ALL NATURAL Deodorant That REALLY DOES WORK !!! 

       ☠ ~ IF YOU NEVER USED MONKEY PITTS AT ALL, ITS  ALWAYS BEST TO START WITH AN ESSENTIAL OIL ONLY FORMULA, CHOOSE FROM ~Lavender lemongrass or cedarwood~ BECAUSE MOST OF THE TIME ITS THE FRAGRANCE THAT CAUSES YOU IRRITATION, NOT BAKING SODA , I've seen it a MILLION TIMES ! ( Please trust me on this) I have SOO many shoppers that thought they couldn't use a deodorant with baking soda and it was the fragrance or whatever else is in commercial deodorant ~ We use such a SMALL AMOUNT of baking soda it really shouldn't be a problem! We have actually SOLD Baking soda Free Monkey Pitts and it worked rather well but everyone went with the original it just wasn't worth the time. It takes approx 3 to 5 days to make a batch of deodorant , its a LOT of work ! ★ CLICK  See The Making of Monkey Pitts 

Directions~ ALWAYS STIR WELL BEFORE USEALWAYS PATCH TEST ~ add about a dime size to each armpit after showering, in case of emergency and running late, you will be amazed at how well Monkey Pitts will hold up when no time to shower, just apply and feel confident that odors will be kept on the down low and not tell your secret!! I personally have no problems with Monkey Pitts after shaving, some people may, so I just advise people that have freshly shaven to wait to apply Monkey Pitts just in case.

GO UNSCENTED , Newbies may want to try an ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND OF Lavender lemongrass or cedarwood~OR PICK A SCENT CHOICE FROM OVER 100 scents ~ CLICK 
 SCENT CHOICES   *****Please keep in mind, any time authentic vanilla absolute or vanilla fragrance is used product can turn from a cream, tan, beige even dark brown ~ Thats what any vanilla will do,in almost any product  essential oil or synthetic , without using an unnecessary smelly chemical to keep it white ( even then it turns in time) but DEODORANT RUBS IN CLEAR !!  

A 1 oz Jar By Size = 2 oz by weight ( will last approx 3 weeks to a month ) $9.50 + $3.50 s&h

A 2 oz Jar By Size = 3 oz in weight ( This jar will  last well over a month , I use it for approx 2 months) $12.50 + $3.50 s&h

We do get requests for a 4oz jar occasionally ( That will last forever lol ) $ 22.50 + $3.50 s&h  

If you are ordering several things at a time I will weigh it & I only CHARGE what The POST OFFICE CHARGES & ANY NECESSARY WRAPS etc to get your package to you safely , NORMALLY I Ship in a Bubble envelope and never had a problem with anything breaking but one time ~ Doing it 50 times a day you become a packaging artist!  lol BUT ~ If you PREFER you items BOXED, thats NOT a problem, But your shipping will cost more! Please be aware of this.   

How To Purchase  Click  Tubbi   ( ) and put the word Tubbi in the subject area so it doesn't go overlooked! From there we will discuss on how to set you up on getting your products your products ! Its very simple! 

☀️All purchases are final, thank you for understanding☀️ I'm not a grinch 
though, please always come to me before leaving damaging feedback, all problems have solutions ! ☀️
 ❤ AGAIN ~~ ALWAYS REMEMBER TO STIR BEFORE EACH USE SO INGREDIENTS ARE FULLY INCORPORATED AS EACH INGREDIENT IS IMPORTANT TO  MAKE THIS PRODUCT WORK PROPERLY & EFFECTIVELY ~ YES, We KNOW oils sometimes seem to rise from the jar, I have NO idea why this happens or what causes it ~ Just stir and keep cap on tightly  

 ☠★ ❤★COLD & HOT WEATHER CAN CHANGE THE WAY YOUR DEODORANT FEELS BUT will ALWAYS work well ,but may need adjusted, I sell to every state & many countries, climate will make deodorant behave differently in its consistency ~ DONT PANIC, ITS AN EASY FIX  ~~  ALWAYS  keep Monkey Pitts in a ROOM TEMPERATURE area to keep soft!  Keeping it in the BATHROOM may NOT be a great idea because of moisture!

If it gets cold it WILL harden! .USUALLY A GOOD STIR WILL SOFTEN IT RIGHT UP!!  Product will soften!! If deodorant is STILL to hard for your liking A SIMPLE FIX by Just adding ONE DROP AT A TIME of a good carrier oil like sweet almond, jojoba, even olive oil or sunflower seed oil will do just fine ~ Stir & it will soften right up ~ ONLY START WITH A FEW DROPS AT A TIME UNTIL YOU'VE REACHED DESIRED CONSISTENCY ~ITS MADE ON THE EAST COAST AND ITS EITHER FREEZING COLD OR TERRIBLY HOT HERE SO ITS MADE IN MY CLIMATE AND MAY NEED ADJUSTED TO BEHAVE PROPERLY IN YOUR AREA ~ SO YOUR MONKEY PITTS MAY BE HARDER OR SOFTER THAN NORMAL DEPENDING ON YOUR WEATHER ~IF your Monkey Pitts is TOO SOFT PLEASE EMAIL me AT                  And I will tell you how to fix the problem! 

:(    Time for me to be the bad guy ....Unfortunately I will NOT give out the ingredients to Monkey Pitts ~ Boo, I Know, But I've been working hard at trying to get a patent for this deodorant so it can't be stolen. I can assure you it IS ILLEGAL for me to tell you its made by 100% USDA Certified Organic ingredients & natural ingredients if it isnt! ( I see ppl do it all the time, but if it was reported to the USDA They would have to prove it and would be knee deep in trouble for false advertising )  But what I CAN DO is tell you IF YOU HAVE ANY KNOWN ALLERGIES & CARE TO SHARE them with me in confidentiality , I can certainly let you know if this product is safe for you to use. In some cases, I've been able to swap out an ingredient and still make it possible for those that are allergic to nuts for example ( yes ,We use a bit of unrefined shea nut butter in Monkey pitts. Great example , I have a good friend I've known since I was like 6 years old, shes always thought she was allergic to shea nut butter and was honestly afraid to try any shea butter ~ I convinced her to try some of Tubbilicious Extreme facial cream & now she LOVES it without any bad reactions!!! ~Remember ~ What you buy in a store may not always be what you're getting! I RARELY see any kind of 100% natural in the raw form of any kind of body butter in commercial stores  for instance , theres not ANY 100% natural butter I can think of that can be squeezed from a bottle,not without being modified !  


 A Few Reviews from our shoppers !  99% people that use Monkey Pitts come back & give it a 5 start rating ~~~   

Please never ever give/sell your ingredients/recipes away to anyone/big company and I wish you will never discontinue it, even if it leave you with no choice one day(WHICH I HOPE IT WILL late, I'm sorry I'm being greedy, seriously I cannot find any other deodorant that works like yours, I still cannot believe how crazy it works, I smell my armpit every few minutes 
just to make sure its not just my imagination! throughout the day as if I just applied it on, not even any expensive perfumes 
can last this long on me, this is crazy!

I love this deodorant! I initially ordered the samples and was so impressed and happy with them that I ordered the full sizes before the samples were gone. Works all day and so gentle on skin. I have had issues with deodorants containing baking soda in the past and I have had no problems at all with this one.

Love everything about this deodorant, definitely worth the money!
Love, love, love my Monkey Pitts deodorant! I've been buying this for more than a year and now my mom and boyfriend are both hooked on Monkey Pitts!So far my favorite scent is the Rosemary Mint that she customized for me but if you're
deodorant and when my boyfriend wears it, he smells amazing! a guy the best scent is the Irish Tweed. It's the most
comparable to Old Spice
Love everything about this deodorant, definitely worth the money! Smells 
amazing! And no worries about Alzheimer's. 
This smells just like the expensive perfume and lasts all day! My pits still smell amazing when I go to bed. The  first day I 
wore it, I couldn't stop smelling my pits! LOL

Just wanted to let you know that I've received the amazinggggg MonkeyPitts on the 7th January 2014, ,I tried deodorant, bubble and bee & primal paste deodorant too, NOTHING works like your MonkeyPitts deodorant  and I would like to order more and try some other scents, I LOVE MONKEY PITTS!! Thank you so so much for the sweet free gifts!!!!Please keep doing what you're doing, you're amazing, and your deodorant is such a life saver, Seriously no other deodorant works, seriously!! 

Love everything about this deodorant, definitely worth the money! Smells amazing! And no worries about Alzheimer's. This smells just like the expensive perfume and lasts all day! My pits still smell amazing when I go to bed. The first day I wore it, I couldn't stop smelling my pits LOL

For Hundreds more reviews on our Monkey Pitts just click our website even though 
its closed & you can read tons of reviews abut Monkey Pitts and other products 
 Click here and click on yellow stars for reviews 


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