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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Making Of Monkey Pitts Deodorant

THE CREATING OF MONKEY PITTS !!! 100% all organic & natural  , ALUMINUM FREE handmade deodorant ! ALL THE PHOTOS KEEP DISAPPEARING !! 
Monkey Pitts Deodorant 
I want to first start out by saying NO I will not give out the ingredients... WHY.. Because I Know I've made an incredible deodorant that works for 99.9% of people that use it, INCLUDING people That THINK they cant use deodorant with Baking soda! One day when I finally Get a patent I will Gladly put it out there for everyone to know! Until Then, If you are allergic to nuts, obviously Nut butter is used, I would say no, this isnt for you ! But Most people have no problems.

  JUST a HEADS UP ~~  If & whenever we are closed  Make sure you keep My email address if you want your Monkey Pitts etc ! MISSJZK@AOL.COM ~ Put Monkey Pitts in the subject

MONKEY PITTS The INSIDE LOOK....  OK READ ON !!!  I thought I might show you a bit of what I do !! Here is a basic idea of how we make our MONKEY PITTS !!  FIRST.. We start by melting and infusing our essential oils , carrier oils , and butters.  Our Monkey Pitts is 100% organic & Natural  !! Its up to the customer if they want to have a fragrance added or essential oil. Many people use it as is, unscented. We use Unrefined Raw Organic  Shea which feels REALLY gritty ! It smells bad too BUT thats the BEST kind ! When its bought from a store and refined most of the vitamins and nutrients that help your skin have been removed.

We Melt everything down to "infuse"the oils as one You can see the grainy texture of the Shea .Its also ROCK hard! This process takes several hours! Monkey Pitts gets sold all over the world, in different claimants & Weather conditions so often Its very hard to know what the end result will be when it reaches you. Some people may find it "oily" and leaked from the jars, That happens even here,I'm no scientist I cant explain why it does that occasionally. Its a simple fix, considering its a base of for instance Shea butter , Its a matter of Melting or reshaping  with a fridge or good stir will usually do the trick!

 At this point I have added the proper liquids and chamomile essential oils and aloe ..that helps SOOTH any sensitive pits !! NORMALLY I DO THIS ALL BY HAND !!!  Ive finally received a Kitchen aid which makes this mixing process SOOO Much easier! SO by this point countless hours of work have already been put into making the liquids the perfect consistency and texture  , NOT a fun job! Just trust me on this !  In Fact, EVERY Product we sell That contains any type of butter like our Tango with Mango, Facial Concentrate , Solid shower lotions, Solid lotion bars & much more go through this SAME process. It always takes approx 3 days minimum .

Next comes MORE SECRET ingredients !! ( ALWAYS A SECRET! ) everything natural & organic ! PLUS we do NOT buy BASE BULK INGREDIENTS, I travel to the health food store to get what I need.  This is what gives your Pits the dry feeling without clogging pores..PLUS we DO NOT USE BEESWAX or any other types of wax for that matter..Nothing even close!
Monkey PiTTS SOAKS into your skin rather then  sit ON your skin! So you don't need to  much and it WILL be effective! Also, it wont rub off because it soaks in to your skin, again, another reason for its effectiveness .Its COMPLETELY VEGAN My son said it feels like he used  baby powder when its weird, we use NO talc at all! But once applied , he is correct that it leaves you feeling nice and dry as IF you had applied a baby powder. I will sometimes feel sweaty at first under the arm, But Im completely aware its the butters reacting to my body temp, Thats why I never over apply! Actually My son & I both put it on right after showering, we find you dont use s much & it rubs in extremely easy 

  Back to Mixing!! Normally this takes me over 8 hours to do! Ugh .its A LOT of work!  Not sure why I put " ALMOST DONE" because that's not completely true! After this point when I get it to where I THINK its good I scoop it out and put it in tubs and let it sit overnight. USUALLY its hard as a rock AGAIN ! So I start all over again until I get the right texture. It takes about 3 days to make a batch of MONKEY PITTS ! Once I'm content , I keep the unscented product in tubs.. It has a shelf life of FOREVER as long as its kept completely sealed.Monkey Pitts will not go bad!I made about 10 to 15 lbs here I would guess, give or take a little..This will last about a month before its all sold  out  give or take a little, Then the process begins again!

 And finally  3 days later...The finished deodorant loved by me and hundreds of other people ..MONKEY PITTS !!!
 When a customer orders their MONKEY PITTS , I then scoop out the measured amount by weight add the scent of choice, Regardless if  its an essential oil or blend of both ( most are either a pure essential  OR a blend  We let YOU choose what you want! ) Then It goes in the pot !  This  Huge Batch will only last for approx 3 weeks, Then I have to start the process all over again !  Most people will get WELL over a month or more from our large jar , Even myself personally I use the small 1 oz jar because it lasts that long ( and I  like to change my scent up, I dont want to wait 3 months which the large jar would last me that long )  This is the product that began TUBBILICIOUS! The VERY FIRST Product sold ! Its funny, My first customer STILL orders faithfully ! I can never thank her enough!

How to get This deodorant ? MONKEY PITTS Storenvy Or Monkey Pitts Etsy

And if it gets REALLY BAD ( like when we are closed)  Always contact me through email 

 Have you tried this yet?? Dont believe a deodorant can be that good?? Well YOUR MISSING OUT !!The reviews on this product are SUPERB ! If you have tried MONKEY PITTS and LOVE IT GIVE THIS PAGE A THUMBS UP  !!! COMMENT and share YOUR EXPERIENCE !  Many of you have left posts in our guestbook & other sites! ( THANKS! )Until next time...Jacqueline AKA Tubbi

A Few Reviews~~~

~~Love everything about this deodorant, definitely worth the money!

~~Love, love, love my Monkey Pitts deodorant! I've been buying this for more than a year and now my mom and boyfriend are both hooked on Monkey Pitts. So far my favorite scent is the Rosemary Mint that she customized for me but if you're a guy the best scent is the Irish Tweed. It's the most comparable to Old Spice deodorant and when my boyfriend wears it, he smells amazing!

~~Love everything about this deodorant, definitely worth the money! Smells amazing! And no worries about Alzheimer's. This smells just like the expensive perfume and lasts all day! My pits still smell amazing when I go to bed. The first day I wore it, I couldn't stop smelling my pits LOL

~~Just wanted to let you know that I've received the amazinggggg MonkeyPitts deodorant on the 7th January 2014, and I would like to order more and try some other scents, I LOVE MONKEY PITTS!! Seriously no other deodorant works, I tried bubble and bee & primal paste deodorant too, NOTHING works like your MonkeyPitts deodorant, seriously!! and Thank you so so much for the sweet free gifts!!!!Please keep doing what you're doing, you're amazing, and your deodorant is such a life saver, I owe you!!!!! Thanks to you now I can finally put a full stop in searching for other natural deodorants that really works, I don't know, Monkey pitts deodorant is really special, it doesn't leave me with any sticky feeling like how other natural deodorant.and God, the scents seriously remain the same throughout the day as if I just applied it on, not even any expensive perfumes can last this long on me, this is crazy! Please never ever give/sell your ingredients/recipes away to anyone/big company and I wish you will never discontinue it, even if it leave you with no choice one day(WHICH I HOPE IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN), please do inform me first so I can stock it up before its too late, I'm sorry I'm being greedy, seriously I cannot find any other deodorant that works like yours, I still cannot believe how crazy it works, I smell my armpit every few minutes just to make sure its not just my imagination!

~~I picked my own scent. Perfect to go along with other items I ordered to make a full spa day at my place!


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