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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Why bath ?? Science says so thats why!

Tub Time! Get Bubbilicious with Tubbilicious! 

Its almost That time! Cool nights are starting to fall upon us, what a relief! The downfall is Soon the leaves will fall, and the colors of pink, purple & teal will become once again a memory until the following spring season. Settling in & adjusting to the dark colors of fall. It is beautiful I might add, but after a while it can begin to work on a persons mood!

 Dont let the chilly air, and bare trees get you down or make you frown ( that causes wrinkles! )  Just stock up on a few Goodies made for the bathtub that scream color, happy happy joy joy, and lighten the weather change blues at least for the duration of your "Me" time ! 

 Right now we are thinking Bubbles! Who dont love a great soak every now and then??? ( and if you dont soak, you should start! )

Why BATH??? Taking a hot bath is not only beneficial to getting clean! LOL With the right tub treat your bath can be a whole new experience  one you may even like! 


 ( Do Not discontinue your meds when your read this! LOL   Research from the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine found that soaking in warm water daily for 8 weeks is more effective at easing anxiety than a prescription drug.  

Also,  A Bath made with essential oils Gives You More bang for your buck! ( Our products almost ALWAYS have essential oils in! ) Remember Moms & Dads WE DO make Bubble bath bars & products made for children! Some essential oils & children dont not mix well together! 

Boost your brain: Essential oils have proven effects on the mind & body that have been tested and found effective again & again EXAMPLE~~ Sage sharpens memory, Bergamot relieves stress, Neroli acts as a sedative The list is endless! 

 Ward off a cold: A hot bath can soothe stuffy nasal passages , chest congestion and erase body aches.Hot water increases blood flow which improves circulation, loosens up stiff muscles, makes you feel ALIVE!   Plus, relaxation releases painkilling endorphine in the brain

Score a great night’s sleep: Slipping between cool sheets helps trigger a drop in your body temperature, and that shift signals the body to produce melatonin, which induces sleep. That's why taking a warm bath before going to bed is a good call—it temporarily raises your body temperature, after which it gradually lowers in the cooler air, rocking your body into a deep nights sleep. 

These are a few great reasons ( I THINK) to hop in the Tub! We didnt mention that using tub treats can make a bath make you feel like a queen, knowing your using a product made with great ingredients, that truly are spa quality, unique , made for YOUR PERSONAL  use in the privacy of your own home, when you want as often as you like! We are flexible! LOL Use as many tub treats as you like! 

SOooo , With that said, I hope you enjoy at least ONE BUBBLE BATH This fall season! Remember, finding The perfect tub treat can change EVERYTHING about how your day will end or begin!

UNTIL NEXT TIME ~~ Miss J / Tubbi 

Almond Nut Roll 

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